A software development company, who partners with tech brands and growing businesses to create high-quality mobile and web applications, while improving productivity and optimizing costs with 100% project delivery success.

Like the world around us and the businesses we work with, our development practice is always improving. We always strive to see a different way and find a better path.

We pride ourselves on our ability to challenge core assumptions, unpick legacy behaviours, and streamline complex processes.

We are more than keen to implement new technologies, blend them, integrate them and watch the effects, which makes us proud of the results.

Before SITEX, our company’s co-founders occupied engineering and management positions in the IT industry.

Having a vast experience with mobile and web application development and working with growing development teams and global business, helped setup SITEX and our processes in a way that bridges the gap between business needs and programmer’s mindset.

Shozab Hasan - Co-Founder and CEO
Syed Hameed - Co-Founder and VP Operations
Shuja Hasan - Director Engineering

Our culture and values serve as a platform that guides us in everything we do.

  • 1Be positive and do what is right, always.
  • 2Be driven for growth and innovation.
  • 3See the potential in everyone and everything.
  • 4Take the initiative for betterment.
  • 5Drive connection and teamwork.
  • 6Care about your coworkers, clients and users.
  • 7Take ownership.
  • 8Challenge the norms.
SITEX Named Top B2B Company in Asia 2020 on Clutch.co
“These business leaders were some of the hardest to choose in the history of our company’s leader awards. Those who made it onto this year’s list are truly the best of the best, and we confidently endorse the unparalleled level of service they are able to provide.”
Ben Dobkin
Growth Operations Analyst @ Clutch